Encourage Interaction, Reward Participation

Mobile marketing is about convenience and value. MadApp provides you with the ability to engage your customers via a suite of easy-to-use tools and services. more...

Drive adoption and generate repeat business.

Quick Response codes, or QR Codes, provide a simple and effective way for smartphone users to connect to your business.

QA Codes enhance customer experience in two ways:

1) Every app comes with a unique QR Code enabling users to download your app to their device. QR Codes can be applied to just about any of your marketing materials to help you drive adoption.

  • - Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc.
  • - Online Banner Ads
  • - eMail
  • - POP Display
  • - TV Commercials
  • - Postcards
  • - Newsletters, and more…

Remember the first time you saw a web site URL? QR Codes replace urls for mobile users. Faster access with less effort. Right here. Right now.

2) Each account comes with tools that lets you manage a QR Code – based loyalty coupon program. You are in complete control – you set the duration, thresholds and rewards for each program. Our easy to use interface enables you to run multiple programs simultaneously at no cost to our VIP customers.

We are glad to work with you to help you plan and execute a program tailored to your marketing objectives.

A mobile app is a powerful way to connect with your customers. QR Codes drive purposeful interactions that build brand and drive business.