who we are

MadApp blends equal parts marketing savvy, with seasoned digital know-how, to provide an integrated marketing platform that spans both the wired and wireless environments. Our mission is to deliver an experience that helps our customers achieve greater visibility within their space and ultimately impacts their bottom lines.

what we do

MadApp Media builds mobile apps and provides integrated marketing solutions to the hospitality industry throughout Northern California. While our main focus is on restaurants and the customers they serve, we realize that our suite of services can benefit others in the Bay Area such as wineries, food trucks, event managers, nightclubs and many others.

At the center of our service is an online set of tools that provide you with the means to create and manage a customer-focused loyalty program at an affordable cost. We support our tools with a dedicated customer service team that is available for a quick phone call or a detailed document about launching and managing a multilayered campaign.

how we do it

Simple, elegant solutions served up in a straight-forward manner is the hallmark of a fine dish. The same can be said about today's smartphone. The immediacy and power of always on, inter- connected networks is leveraged further by the device's easy-to-grasp controls.  People are always on their smartphones and it has changed us all forever. 

That is where MadApp comes in. MadApp works to provide simple, effective, actionable events that drive business. Our focus is on championing the user's brand while ensuring that the user's objectives are met. 

Contact us to discuss why mobile apps are the best marketing tool for your business.